Catty Gory Games


CGG is a brainfart I decided to share after over 40,000 hours of running games at the table and over 45,000 hours of writing, rewriting, designing, and planning games since 1977. If that makes me sound old to you, it is because I am.

I started gaming in 1977 with a baby-blue book called Dungeons and Dragons. I was running after the second game as well as playing. As the books came out I got AD&D, then all the core books. And, I started to really find the game unengaging. I tried to use the modules, but they were so uninspired and in my mind useless.

In 1978 I got RuneQuest and the original tiny two-book set for Bushido. The organic nature of the games, the creativity encouraged in them, and the open “DIY” method while providing skeletal frames of culture, divinity, and expectations made both of them my darlings.

Not long after I found Morrow Project. Being a child of the Cold War I was instantly smitten with the opportunity to explore a fallen Earth and the tales of rebuilding some society.

It was about now I realized I was doing two things no one else I knew was doing: Improve Play and Sandbox World. That was 1980. I have never done it any other way as this fits my natural storytelling nature to a tee.